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Sociala medier på Berns 19 april 2012

Roger Fivelstedt, IT-chef 
Clearing i världsklass .pdf

Åsa Persson, projektledare
Jessica Runemark, projektledare
Give Hope .pdf

Blindspot AB
Tina Davar, affärsutvecklare
Facebook kampanjer (Malaco, Toy och Risenta) .pdf

Göteborgs Kex
Bageriets bästa  garantikampanj .pdf

Theodor Mavrodis, web anlyst manager
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Nielsen Company
Jaques Vandenheeds, senior analytiker
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Dear Pierre,


I hope you are doing well  and had a nice week-end.


I would need your input on a campaign I would like to do with the male skincare brand Men Expert. The aim of the campaign is to make the consumers come in store with a mobile or web campaign BUT I cannot use any of our website or facebook page for that brand.


So as you can imagine here are the solutions I am interested in from your presentation:

- Mobila tjänster (slide 37/59) à what mobile solutions can you offer me?

- Kuponger i nya kanaler (slide 40/59) à what can you do exactly?


Could you please tell me how we could work together on that project?

I can of course use free sampling or coupons.


Regarding our previous exchange about our L´Oréal Paris corporate campaign, it is on hold for the moment from our side. I will let you know in few weeks what we decide.


I wish you a great day.


Kind regards,




Fakta kupongmarknaden

Fakta kupongmarknaden

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